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Receiving Good Fortune with Mountains and Hills

An aerial view of Mountain ranges surrounding the urban city
Embracing the wisdom of Chinese culture, we find strength in the saying: '山管人丁水管财,' where 'Mountain governs People luck, and Water governs Wealth luck.' The core of a prime location lies in the strategic placement of these natural elements.
According to the 3-Cycle 9-Luck Feng Shui principle (三元九运), spanning from now until 2043, the strategic placement of mountains is key. For maximum Feng Shui benefits until 2043, we look to the Northeast, South, West, and Northwest, and the presence of Mountain in the South of your home is most prosperous in the upcoming 20 years, as we enter the Period 9 era.
For Example
Using Lentor Hills as an illustration, this new neighbourhood conveniently located near the upcoming Lentor MRT station is planned around an existing hillock.
Although various land plots are designated for upcoming property development surrounding Hilllock Park and can benefit from this hill, some plots could enjoy the lion's share of it.
Hillock Park is located in the West and Northwest of Plot B and D and also partially located in the Northeast and Northwest of Plot G and E.
A new neighbourhood planned around an existing hillock

What is “Prosperous Mountain”?
But what exactly is 'Prosperous Mountain'? To harness its quality energy or Qi, the mountains you spot nearby should be lush and green, not barren with exposed rocks and soil.

Hill in the city vicinity

What if there are no Mountains and Hills?
Even higher grounds can serve as mountains or hills and need not be massive or conspicuous to our eyes. If you can 'see' one of these elevated spots around your home, you might be on the path to harnessing nature's blessings for good fortune.

Greenery Hills in the suburban neighbourhood and afar

So, when you embark on the search for your dream home, take a moment to observe your surroundings. Look for Mountains, hills, highlands, or even subtle elevations nearby. If you find one, delve into the energies it could provide to support your aspirations and endeavors.

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