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Receiving Good Fortune with Mountains and Hills

Mountains and Hills in the living vicinity
There is a Chinese Saying: 山管人丁水管财. This can be literally translated as Mountain governs People luck and Water governs Wealth luck. This denotes a good location should have these landforms and in the correct places. Based on the 3-Cycle 9-Luck Feng Shui principle (三元九运), from now till 2043, Mountains are preferred to be seen in the Northeast, South, West, Northwest.

In Property selection, “seeing Good Mountain” in different directions will represent different auspicious outcome. Taking your property as your reference point, from now till 2043, if you see Mountain in the Northeast, then it indicates that the property could be tapping into the “Wealth” energy or Qi; seeing Mountain in the Northwest could represent tapping into energies that could enhance your Career endeavours, Mountain in the West for Power and Authority, and in the South for New Happenings and improving Investment luck.

What is “Good Mountain”?
To ascertain the good quality of the energy or Qi to the environment, generally the Mountain you see in the vicinity must be green and lush, not bony with patches of rocks and soil exposed.  
An aerial view of Mountain ranges surrounding the urban city
Greenery Hills in the suburban neighbourhood and afar
Hill in the city vicinity

For Example,
As mentioned earlier, Mountain in the Northeast of your House will bring about good Wealth Luck to the residents. For Career advancement or for those people who want to climb up the corporate ladder, then seeing Mountain in the Northwest is preferred.
“Seeing Mountains” in the Northeast to enhance Wealth luck and in the Northwest for Career advancement

What if there are no Mountains and Hills?
Higher grounds can also consider as Mountains or hills, and they may not necessary be huge and prominent to our eyes. Should you are able to "see" one of these higher grounds within your vicinity of your home, then you might have a good chance of benefiting from these nature landforms to achieve good fortune. 

Westwood Residences in Jurong
Do you "see" what mountains or hills would this new upcoming EC benefit from its surrounding vicinity?
So the next time when you are searching for your dream home, look around and see if there are Mountains, hills, highlands or even small lumps in the vicinity. And if there is one, then qualifies what energy it could produce to support the type of endeavours you are looking for.

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