Monday, October 18, 2010

Who has the FINAL SAY?

In my earlier article, I did mention that it is possible to find out how 2 individuals will interact with each other when they are together. It can be your spouse, your loved ones, your family members, relative, friends, colleagues, your boss or just about any people.

Further to this, you can also reveal that when you are engaged with another person, you are able to know who has the upper hand and in control using the Root Number of yourself and the engaging person.

The Root Number is derived from the date of birth. It represents the core character of a person. It is one of the most important numbers in a numerology profile. For more details about the Root Numbers, you can check out the earlier articles. Each Root Number also represents an element, which can be interpreted as body of Qi or Energies. In the world of metaphysics, there are 5 different types of elements, commonly known as Wu Xing (五行). They are the Metal(金), Wood(木), Water(水), Fire(火) and Earth(土). The concept of 5 elements is widely known and well-documented in metaphysical books and classics.

These element or energies are dynamic and they interact, support and control each other in various ways. In the science of numbers, the Supporting and Controlling cycle principle is used to further demonstrate the power of numbers in “supporting” or “controlling” a person with the element represented by the Root Number of the person.

Below is a summary of the Root Numbers and their respective Elements.

For example, if your Root Number is 9, then you belong to the Wood element. If your Root Number is 2, then you belong to the Water element.

In the Supporting and Controlling cycle principle, Wood controls Earth, weakens by Fire and itself is being supported by Water. It hates Metal, as it will control Wood. This can be interpreted that a person who has a Root Number 9, and his spouse has a Root Number 6 which represents Metal, then the spouse will usually have the Final Say in the house, or at least her voice is highly respected and cannot be ignored.

Let's have another example. If a child has a Root Number 8, which belongs to the Fire element, and her mother has a Root Number 1, which represents Metal, what can we see from this combination? Here, we can see that Fire controls Metal. There is a possibility that this child could demand a lot more attention from the mother, and she might just give in to the child and easily “spoil” the child. The advice is to adopt the “If you know, then you can manage” concept. So you might consider providing more attention and guidance to the child especially in Character building.

Therefore, by understanding the concept of the Supporting and Controlling cycle, you can better manage your life as well as other people, expectation, and needs, and hopeful foster a more conducive interpersonal relationship with just about anyone, all you need is their Date of Birth, starting with your family members and friends around you.

Below shows a Supporting and Controlling Cycle Principle based on the 5 elements.

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