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How 2 Individual Interact With Each Other?

In our current fast moving and ever changing environment, we are constantly meeting and interacting with many people from all walks of life. At times, have you been wondering, why when 2 individuals are together, although even if they have just met each other, they seems to be old friends and able to interact seamlessly. In another situation, an individual can be very expressive with a person, but encounters a lot of obstacles and unpredictable difficulties with another. Don’t be surprise if a child who don’t like to study may suddenly becoming studious and could tell his parent that he is going to the library with his newly met friend.

In the Science of Numbers, using the Date of Birth of both persons, it is possible to find out how 2 individuals will interact with each other when they are together. It can be your spouse, your loved ones, your family members, relative, friends, colleagues, your boss or just about any people.

It is by adding the Root Numbers of both individuals and reducing to a single digit. For your information, the Root Number is derived from the date of birth. It represents the core character of a person. It is one of the most important numbers in a numerology profile.

Note: You can also use the Life Chart calculator in my website to find out the Root Numbers.

How to compute your Root Number ?
To compute the Root Number from the Date of Birth, the numbers in the Date of Birth are added together and then reduce it to a single digit.

For Example:
A person who was born on 14/11/1973 (in dd/mm/yyyy format).

1 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1+ 9 + 7 + 3 = 27

2 + 7 = 9

With reference to the above person whom Date of Birth is 14//11/973, the Root number is computed to be 9.

You can also refer to my earlier article: What is the Root numbers? for more details about the Root Number of a person and what are the attributes and values that it contributes.

After you have compute the Root Number for yourself and the person you want to interact with, add the Root Numbers of both individuals and reducing it to a single digit.

The meaning of the resultant Combined Root Numbers is quite similar to those in my earlier article: What is your Numbers? but not entirely the same. The attribute of these Combined Root Numbers are explained in details in the Your Life Story With Numbers-Personalized Report.

Below is a summary of unique keywords that relates to the Combined Root Numbers

The following are 2 examples that demonstrate the usage and analysis of a relationship using the same Combined Root Number in 2 different situations.

Examples that illustrate the usage of the Combined Root Numbers

An Independent Combination for 28-Aug-1972 and 14-Nov-1973

Example 1.
A married couple whose dates of birth are 28-Aug-1972 and 14-Nov-1973. In a weekend, they met for an outing in a shopping mall. As both person can be very independent, and both of them have different preferences; e.g. one like to be in the fashion section, while the other prefers to be in the bookstore. They can walk separate ways and after 2 hours later, they can meet each other again for dinner. In their case, the Combined Root Number is a 1, an independent number that denotes the couple does not depend or rely on each other financially and socially. Both can have separate activities and still enjoy freedom. Although it is an Independent Combined Root Number, it respects each other personal spaces and happy with their marriage life.

Example 2.
What if the above-mentioned individuals are not married couple, but a superior and subordinate working relationship with a Combined Root Number of 1, it denotes Independent. In this case, the superior can entrust a job to the subordinate without much worry, as he is confident that he will able to complete the task independently without much supervision.

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