Thursday, August 12, 2021

Is your Home Ambush with Poison Arrows?

I've always been asked by many is that "What if there is no water and/or mountain or hill near their home, does it mean that they are not blessed with good fortune relating to Feng Shui?" 

The answer is a "No". 

Watch out for Poison Arrows to your Home

"Sometimes avoiding these Poison Arrows can be enjoying Good Feng Shui too!"

Using the site plan of these residential developments as illustrations, observe the Red arrows. These can be potential "poison arrows" or negative energy paths directed towards the units. 
Siteplan of Residential Development with Poison Arrows

Generally, if an individual has disturbed or violated the negative energy or commonly known as
Sha Qi (煞气), it will be detrimental and disastrous relating to wealth and health, especially with the more dangerous environmental negative energy of the Eight Killings Force (八煞黄泉).

Negative energies can be directed from your nearby buildings, especially if there is a wind gap between 2 buildings or its building edge directed to your property, which is commonly seen in development where its buildings are densely built to each other. The commonly known Sha-Qi will be the Building Edge Sha (壁刀煞) and Wind-Gap or Sky Crack Sha (天斩煞)Busy road Junctions, whether it is Cross or T-junction could also be the cause. So beware.

Commonly seen Negative Forms

As more properties are built in the North and South orientations, let has an example of how these negative energies(Sha Qi) could impact a North-facing Home.
Observed the impact of the Building edge on Unit B and C from the Siteplan

Based on the Eight Killings Force principle, for a North-facing home, we don't want to "see" negative forms or features in the Northwest, as the home could have violated this killing force. Observed that the building edge of Unit A is pointing to North facing Unit B from the Northwest direction. This may bring about health problems, like diseases relating to the Head and Lung, affecting the Man of the house, the Husband, or the elderly senior.

As for a South-facing home, avoid having negative forms or features in the Southeast. In this case, the edge of Unit D is directed to the South facing Unit C from the Southeast direction. This could denote that the eldest daughter of the residence will be more prone to sickness relating to her thigh, intestinal issues, especially happening in the year of the snake and dragon, and perhaps also in the month of April and May.

If you are in the midst of choosing your next dream home, perhaps you may want to give these properties a miss.

Besides the North and South facing houses, more details about the 8 Killings force with other orientations are mentioned in my Youtube Video. 

Check that out here:

If you need a consult to know more about your home story and its potential or need help in selecting your dream home, perhaps I can help. More details here:

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