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Whose Home Value is Higher: Yours or your Neighbour?

Since the recent article and video story that I’ve posted relating to Pasir Ris 8, there were several interests for home selection consultations, particularly on the 2-bedroom apartment type in this newly launched integrated development.

If you have not read or watch its story, find out more here.

One of the requests were asking is there a difference in the Feng Shui quality between the 2 properties located on the same building, with the same floor area, but mirror floor layout, perhaps even locating side by side to each other sharing the same wall.

Generally based on Classical Feng Shui principles, the answer is a “Yes”, and the difference can be great.

In life, we must agree that no 2 individuals are the same, even for Twins, Triplets, and Quadruplets.  They can look alike but their personalities can be very different in nature. 

Similar to properties, no 2 Homes are the same. They can have the same floor layout and size, located just next door, side by side to each other, or perhaps located in other buildings within the same development. However, the occupants in these homes can encounter different endeavors in life.

Units with the same Floor Layout, some with mirror and/or flip layout

Let go through some examples using the Main Door as the analysis focus based on 2-Bedroom units which satisfy the above-mentioned request; i.e. Both units have the same floor area, but mirror floor layout sharing the same wall.

Example #1
Based on the House Chart, it is observed that Unit A has its Main Door opened in the Northwest at the Door of Rest (休) supported by the Six Harmony (合). This is a relatively auspicious Main Door under the lens of Qi Men Feng Shui  (奇门风水)

The combination of these energies is an important component for a Family Home, fostering and strengthening family ties, better health, as well as a more harmonious interpersonal relationship with others as the Main Door is the gateway to the “outside business world” for incoming wealth to the family.

A North facing 2-Bedroom Units with Main Door opens in the Northwest sector

Example #2
On the Other hand, Unit B which shared the same wall as Unit A has its Main Door opened in the Northeast at the Door of Harm (伤) supported by the Red Phoenix (雀). In general, the former denotes injuries, harm, or conflicts, while the latter indicates the occupants can be highly vocal, and argumentative. When both energies reside at the Main Door, this indicates the residents could be endearing in frustration, conflicts, perhaps disharmony among themselves, and this is not a good sign in family bonding.

However, this home is great for those whose career or business involving speaking; such as a spokesperson of the company, lawyers, public speakers, or any people whose livelihood involves speaking, etc.

A North facing 2-Bedroom Units with Main Door opens in the Northeast sector

Hence, the above examples demonstrate that a property with the same floor area as its neighbour, although they are just next door, the residents can be endearing different outcomes.

Besides the floor layout, the external environment plays an important role in selecting your Dream Home, as whatever positive energies that could reside within your Home can only be realized if its external environment can provide, as there is a saying: "If you do not have hair, you can't perm hair". Here, Hair refers to the environment.

If you are interested to know more about how to select your choice home, you can watch some of my videos on Home Selection tips. Hope these can give you some insight into choosing your dream home.

Alternatively, if you are in the midst of choosing your next dream home and need a Home Selection consultation, perhaps I can help. Check this out here:

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