Friday, July 18, 2014

What is in the Property Investment Equation?

Sometimes Investment don't only based on Capital Appreciation
Investors have always said that investment does not need good Feng Shui, as they are not staying in the properties. Unless they are buying and have no intention to lease them out as a long term investment, else they might encounter issues with their tenants should the Feng Shui of the property is bad, and this could lead to higher tenancy turnover, as this will affect them.

Some will comment that it will be difficult to match the Feng Shui of the properties to the tenants, as they would not know who would be occupying their properties.

Do you know that Feng Shui would generally influence every people staying in the property, regardless of race, language and religion. The concern will be the level of impact to each individual staying in the property.

A realtor will always mention that that if you have the intent to sell your property in a large development with hundreds of units similar to yours, unless your unit is unique else you will most probably entangle in a “price war”; whoever offers lower price will lead to a successful sale. From the Buyer perspective, they will want to own a Wealthy and Healthy Home (旺财旺丁), and definitely not properties that would lead to Bankruptcy, Divorce or Health problems, etc.

I believe Feng Shui could help in allowing you to select your unique property right at the first time, and could have an upper edge above others. 

Therefore, for Property Investors, beside one must “love” the property, prior to High Capital Gain and Rental Yield, Capital Preservation is always in their Property Checklist. Should their choice properties are also conformed to good Feng Shui, and then it would have a better upside potential in the years to come with lesser tenancy issues if they are leasing them out for long-term investment return.

With Feng Shui to be considered as an additional factor into the equation, your Property could be tagged as a good-value Property Investment to hedge against inflation. 
A Better Decision starts from Awareness

So, whether for own-stay or long term investment, if you want to own your Dream Home, choose it right at the first time, and listen what’s it is “telling” you. Click here for more details.

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