Friday, July 2, 2021

Assess your Home with Qi Men

4 Bedroom Home and its source of energy at Piermont Grand

There are 5 essential areas to analyze in assessing the Feng Shui configurations of a property. The Main Door is the most important area as everyone in the household could benefit if the energy coming in the door is positive.

There are various methods to assess the Feng Shui quality of a property, and Qi Men Dun Jia can be one method to analyze the essential areas of your property, whether for your current home or selecting your next dream home.

In Qi Men (奇门), the energy of the Doors can provide an indication and enhance the Feng Shui quality of certain sectors in your home.

Using a South facing 4 Bedroom apartment at Piermont Grand as an illustration, this unit’s Main Door is opened at the Door of Rest (in the Northeast direction.

This Door energy in Qi Men can be the source of energy or Qi strengthening family relationship and improving health, denoting that this apartment is suitable as a Family Home.

Besides the Main Door, it is favorable to have auspicious Door energies residing in the Bedrooms, Kitchen and Study or workroom and the Balcony which is commonly seen in a high-rise building. These energies in this area enhance wealth and investment opportunities or perhaps strengthen family bonding.

As every Home tells a different story, know more about your home story and its potential, or perhaps begin a new journey with your dream home right at the first time.

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