Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Favorable and Nemesis this November

The better sectors of the home in the month of November are the Southwest, East, and Southeast where the first 2 sectors bless more prosperity in the financial endeavors.
Annual and Monthly Flying Stars from Nov 7 - Dec 6

The Southeast sector can be a great sector for academic studies, especially this month when it is also an examination period for some students.

To accelerate the learning process, you can align to the prosperous direction of the Life Door (生门), where the energy based on Qi Men is more vibrant. Hence, you can study in the Southeast sector of your home, and sit with your back against the East direction to tap into this energy.
The Year and Month Breaker days (破日) are the unfavorable days of the month. Consider avoiding these days for making important decisions, like product launches, signing contracts, moving into a new house, or even marriage. If you are encountering bad endeavors on these days, they could be amplified further. So, beware.
For those who are curious about these unfavorable dates, they are the 12, 15, 24, and 27 of Nov.
The Nemesis in November

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