Friday, November 18, 2022

Winning for Greater Success with the 3 Victory Palace

2023 can be a game-changing year for many as many global economies are opening up to an endemic phase, but also a challenging year where inflation and interest rate are hitting north.

It is always favorable to better prepare and thrive to the outcome you desire in the coming year, and leveraging on your personal 3 Victory Palace days can be your key to greater success in winning!

In the study of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲), there are 3 powerful energies, and they are the Chief (直符), Nine Heaven (九天), and Life Door (生门). When they are residing in the same area at the same or across different times but within a specific duration, these concentrated sources of energy are used in winning warfare in ancient times and are commonly known as the 3 Victory Palace or "三胜宫" in Chinese.

In current times, the days where the 3 Victory Palace energy are strongest and when they are further personalized to your Date of birth, it can best be engaged in sales and marketing, negotiations, closing business deals, product launches, or any events that involve winning or fulfilling an outcome you desire.

Highlighting the 3 Victory Palace day in the Business Planner

Using 23-Mar as an illustration, it is a 3 Victory Palace day and also your Personal Sales & Wealth day. The day favors wealth-related activities, like signing a contract, sealing a sales deal, or any activities that involve winning that favors you. 

A 3 Victory and Wealth day, aligning to Qi Men Nobility energy

For more illustrations on how you can better leverage your personal 3 Victory Palace days for greater success in winningcheck this out here

In a Nutshell:
Plan and execute your important activities or make major decisions with your 3 Victory Palace days for greater success in Winning!

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