Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Academic Pursuit with the Stars

The 2013 September Energy (Qi) Map where the East sector is the Academic Sector of the month, good for studies and scholarly pursuits.
This year, the GCE “O” result was released on 13 Jan 2014. This event has reminded me of an incident that happened few months ago.

In Last September 2013, I had met an ex-colleague. We had not been in contact for couple of years and had a casual chat over coffee. Somehow we had touched based on his child’s academic issue. He was complaining that both him and his wife were rather stressful as their child will be taking his end-year GCE ‘O” Level examinations. They were rather disappointed as his preliminary results were rather poor; mainly an average “E” grade and even failed in some academic subjects. This worried them, as the year-end examination was merely around the corner.

He mentioned that his son was smart and had done well in his academic in the past few years but was addicted to Online Gaming few months ago and had neglected his studies. Even his fellow teachers also commented that he had been lazy and not attentive in class. He asked if there was any way to improve the situation.

I advised him that Chinese Metaphysics might be able to help to improve his son’s condition provided he is willingly to stop his current gaming addiction and stay focus in his studies for the next 30 - 40 days till his last paper in the examination. He took up the challenge, as he is really desperate to improve his grades.

Generally, most would advice to allow the child to study in the Academic Sector (文昌位) of their home. But in his case, it might be too late to even made use of the Annual Academic Sector (流年文昌位). My advice was to allow and ensure that he revise and study in the Monthly Academic sector (流月文昌位) of their home instead, conforming to the Xuan Kong Flying Stars principle. Hopefully the monthly star will provide a faster effect and a little extra help in the child preparation for the examination.

In October, the favourable Academic sector resided in the East. In additional, from the child’s BAZI, his Personal Intelligence sector was also computed to be in the East. Hence, it was preferred to do his revision and study in this sector. If their study room or workplace was located in this East of their home, it would be ideal. If not, “made one”.
Your Personal Directions Dashboard of a child where his Personal Intelligence and his Nobleman Sectors/Directions are both in the East. 

Believe it or not, I had received a call just yesterday from my ex-colleague that his son had managed to pass his GCE “O” Level examination and achieved an average “B” grade in most of his subjects; very far much better than those results in his preliminary examination.

Something about the Power of Qi Men (奇门)
Based on Qi Men (奇门) Destiny Analysis, his Qi Men Birth Chart has the Chief (直符) in his Life Destiny Palace.  This indicates that he could be “gifted” with the power of focus and strong will-power capability; i.e. the strong belief of wanting something to be accomplished and he will work towards that goal. I believe he could have exercise this strength to achieve his goal; i.e. passed his examination, subconsciously without knowing it.

Most will comment that this could be a coincidence. But I’m glad that my ex-colleague had ensure his son followed through the challenge and eventually passed his examination. And the entire shift towards a good outcome took within 40 days. That's important.

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