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How do you know your Dream Home enjoys Good Feng Shui?

Rooms Layout:
Main Door – in the Southwest sector.
Kitchen - in the South sector.
Master Bedroom - in the Northeast sector.
Dining - in the West sector.
Bedrooms – in the North sector.
Living Hall – in the Northwest sector
Generally, we all will want to maximize all the areas in our living home. Nobody wants a home with half of the space not usable just because in some common Feng Shui principles qualifies that these areas are bad sectors. However, in more advance Feng Shui techniques, most if not all of the areas can be made usable; i.e. from a bad sector to a good or usable one.

The above mentioned is an example to illustrate the assessment of a 4-Rooms North-Facing property with Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星). It is a subsystem of Xuan Kong (玄空) Feng Shui, which is part of San Yuan (三元) school of Feng Shui. The focus of this school of thoughts is heavily based on the calculation of the quality and characteristics of Life Energy or Qi in a particular period of time.
The Qi map that represents a
Period 8 North2 facing property
In every period of 20 years, there is a transformation of Qi. In Feng Shui, the Flying Stars which also refer to the bodies of Qi residing in your property, change in time according and it can be represented by numbers in a Qi map. In Feng Shui context, we are currently in Period 8 which starts from 2004 to 2023.
An initial assessment with Flying Stars ascertains that the Main Door, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and the Dining Area are relatively located in the good sectors.

Although the Living Area and the rest of the 2 Bedrooms may seem situated in the unfavourable locations, it can easily be rectified using more advance Feng Shui techniques to reduce the negative impact. The remedial action can be as simple as just simply rearranging the furniture or installing a simple fixture to reduce the bad effect in Feng Shui perspective.

The following illustrations reveal how an unfavourable location or bad sector can be made usable with simple furniture rearrangement and installation.

Bedrooms Analysis:
The Beds are preferred to be placed in the West sector of both the Bedrooms.

Screens, Partition Walls or any fixtures that can be used to redirect the flow of Qi into the South sector of the Bedrooms first, and then to the rest of the rooms.

The placement of the beds and the screen fixtures would help to enable the rooms to be usable.

Living Area Analysis:
The Sofa set is preferred to be placed in the West, Southwest and South sector of the Living Area, so that people who are sitting there and/or interact with other people in these areas can benefit from good Qi residing in these areas.

Although the TV console is located in a bad sector, so long there is no negative influence from the external environment, then the space is still usable. Alternatively, the Sofa set and the TV console can also swap places depending on what endeavours the residents will be experiencing or expecting ahead of them.

The example has demonstrated that in order to practise Feng Shui on a property and at the same time trying to maximize the spaces in the property to be usable, all you need may be just simply a rearrangement of the furniture and a simple installation of a screen fixture without spending costly renovation or placement of expensive objects or ornaments. It is that subtle and practising Classical Feng Shui does not need you to transform your dream home as alike as a traditional Chinese Restaurant or a mini-Chinese Forbidden City.

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