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Unlock Success: Get the Most Out of Your Personalized Business Planner

2024 Personalized Business Planner

** In a Nutshell **
"To effectively maximize the potential of your personalized Business Planner, select a 3 Victory day stacked with as many colour-coded as possible except the Black."

Brief Walkthrough of using the Business Planner:

1. Pick up all the Qi Men 3 Victory (3V) Days for your important personal or business-related activities toward your desired outcome.

2. From these 3V days, choose any of the colour-coded days except the Black ones.

3. To improve the auspiciousness of the day, select auspicious Dong Gong days marked in Red or Purple.

4. In addition, to further enhance the quality of the day that favour you, select your personal Nobleman marked in Pink which is derived from your date and time of birth. 

5. The more colour-coded stacked on the same day, the more auspicious will be the day, although the day doesn't have to be full-stacked with colors.

6. To further enhance the auspiciousness of the day, select one of the 4 Qi Men directions that suit your intended personal or business-related activity for nobleman help, wealth-related activities, medical and health-related activities, or relationship building and social networking.
Important Note:
Maximize your success potential on rare Personal 3 Victory (3V) Days with the formidable power of Qi Men. Seize the opportunity to harness success, even in the absence of color-coded alignments.

illustration # 1:
12-Aug is an auspicious Dong Gong day, especially for sales or business-related activities. It is not only the individual personal Sales and Nobleman Day but also his/her Qi Men 3 Victory Day. To further enhance its auspiciousness, he/she can sit with their back against the Northwest for sales or business activities. 

12-Aug - auspicious Dong Gong day, and personal Sales, Nobleman, and 3 Victory day

illustration # 2:
Although 8-Aug does not have any colour-coded day, it is still an auspicious day as it is the individual 3 Victory Day. To better maximize using this day, he/she can sit with their back against the Southwest for Relationship building and seeking Health-related activities.

5-Jul - auspicious 3 Victory day

** Word of Caution **
Unlock the secrets of Qi Men Dun Jia, where success is not just a goal but a journey. Strategize with precision and moral clarity to pave your way to victory.

"Practice Mindfulness with good Moral Compass when strategizing your action plan."

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2024 Business Planner

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