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The Hidden Impact of Wind Gap on Home Comfort

Wind Gap between 2 buildings

With a bountiful of new property launches recently, it is observed that some of the residential buildings are built rather close to each other within their development premises, and some could be merely a stone's throw away between the buildings.

If you looks outwards from your home main door, windows, or balcony, and you are able to spot a gap between two closely built residential buildings directly at you, then your home is likely affected by this wind gap as Feng Shui principles identify it as negative Sha Qi - energies. The gap can create a channel or tunnel for the wind to accelerate between the buildings. This can result in stronger and gustier winds within the gap, potentially causing discomfort for residents.

"Closing the Gap, Calming the Winds: Embrace Harmonious Living, Minimize Discomfort."

Whether purchased as an investment or a family home, the occupants may face potential pitfalls that could impact their well-being and financial prosperity.

For example, Unit A is likely inflicted by negative Sha Qi (形煞) caused by the wind gap between buildings B and C. As the wind gap is located at the South of Unit A, this may affect the well-being and health of the occupants. The occupants may be more prone to heart and eye-related health problems, likely occurring in the year of the horse or month of June, and especially affecting the middle daughter, or middle-aged woman.

Should wind gap is directly to the home from the Southwest, this could affect the women of the house, especially the mother or elderly. Hence, the negative impact of the wind gap appearing in different directions from your home could affect different occupants of the family.

To address this issue, there is the possibility that the negative impact could be mitigated or reduced owing to the greenery landscape, such as trees at the playground erected on the same path as the wind gap, providing a shield to the living home. Additionally, using materials that can withstand wind exposure may help create a more comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Directional Impact on Family Members

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