Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Jurong West Blossom Story

Siteplan of Jurong West Blossom with the incoming road from the Southwest
As an illustration, some of the units in Jurong West Blossom could enjoy good Feng Shui from the external environment. Those South facing units could benefit from the incoming road or “virtual water” to improve their wealth luck as they could receive Later Heaven Water (后天水). Furthermore, as Jurong Hill is also in the vicinity, a handful of the residents could be benefiting from this good external landform to foster better people luck (旺人丁).

Seeing Jurong Hill from afar
On the other hand, some of the apartments in this development may also violate external environment affliction or Sha-Qi (煞气). There are a handful of North facing homes overlooking the pointing roofs of their neighbour buildings. Residents could be affected by these negative forms as they will be more prone to health problem relating to kidney, ear or blood. This is one of the negative forms when observed on-site. So beware.

Overlooking the pointing roofs from the Main Door
In any development, there are always houses that have a better Feng Shui index than the other. Hence, it will be good to select one that can help to support yours as well as your family members life goals, and this can be fulfilled with a Feng Shui Consultation to ascertain the "well-being" of your home.

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