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Are your days numbered in your Company?

A Personal Crash could mean your days are numbered in the Company
Have you been wondering why at times you just can’t get along with your boss or colleagues especially if your seating position have just been reallocated, or after a major renovation or just a small one in a certain corner or spot of the office.

Just feel that something is just not right and it seems to crash with your thoughts, your decisions, your actions, etc; in about anything or somehow everything you to.

A True Story:
An employee whom is born in the year of Dragon was seated in a spot for many years. His relationship with colleagues and boss were relatively harmonious for years. It so happen that the management decide to renovate the office, and new allocation of seats for the employee was part of the plan.

Owing to the shifting of seat, the nightmare starts. The employee resigns within the few months after the renovation. Coincidentally, more employees left the company after the relocation.

What could have happen?
In Metaphysics context, being born in the year of the Dragon, Southeast (SE1) is his Personal sector and Northwest (NW1) is Crash Sector. It is best not to have any negative features in these sectors. As the employee had been relocated to a seat where its Northwest sector is where the newly built Sales and Marketing Department is located owing to an office space upgrading plan. In additional, the Southeast sector from the seat had also undergone a renovation to make way for more office space. With this sudden change, conflicts and unhappiness tends to build up and eventually the employee left the company last year.
Floor Plan showing the Personal (SE1) and Crash Sectors (NW1) of the employee with respect to where he was seated. The Main Door is also seen in the East sector
Besides, the above-mentioned, negative features could be a building column pillar, store room, your boss’s office and especially where his Date of Birth “crashes” yours, or simply there is currently a major construction site outside the office and this is in your Crash Sector direction, etc.

Therefore, the next time when the management announces to renovate the office, then you might need to beware, as it could be the start of a headcount process, in this uncertain times, owing to the global economic crisis, especially the current crisis in the US and the Euro Zone.

With reference to the Floor Plan, the Main Door is in the East sector, and this is where the 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) resides, the most dangerous sector in 2011. As the 5 Yellow Sha can have repercussions that are very negative, company with the main door in this sector might have to be more careful as it will be more prone to impact of bad fortune or events occurring this year; e.g. poor sales performance, more prone to difficult or challenging business deals, headcounts, or to the worse might lead to a company merger or acquisition, etc.
The Daily, the Monthly and the Annual 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) all residing in the East
Coincidentally, today is a day where the power of the 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) could be very much stronger residing in the East. Why is that so? The Daily, the Monthly and the Annual 5 Yellow are all residing in the East today. So it is always good to be more careful if your Main Door is in the East. If you could, use another Door and avoid the East door for the time being.

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