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A Noble Heavenly Doctor for Good Health

Does your Medical Suite comes with a “Heavenly Doctor” as your Noble People for Good Health?
People come to visit a doctor because they or their loved ones are unwell. Especially for young kids where the Parents will usually very worry when they fall sick and hope for a speedy recovery after visiting their family doctor. As parents whenever our children are unwell, they will usually stick to their familiar doctors.

An Old Story of Mine..
Whenever my children fall sick, we will usually seek medical attention from a Family Doctor even where the medical clinic is not in our neighbourhood. The clinic is always packed with people, and those seeking for medical attention are usually the young ones bought in by their parents. 

What amazed me is that after taking the medication prescribed by the doctor, my children will somehow recover with 2-3 doses of medication. I thought it is merely a co-incident, but the medication does work well for my children consistently. So whenever my children are unwell, we will usually stick to this Family Doctor.

The Floor Layout of a Medical Clinic with a Good Yan-Nian (延年) Main Door and Tian-Yi (天医) Consultation Room
The Findings
Recently, I have revisited and took a reading of this clinic. With reference to 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅风水), this East-Facing Medical Clinic has its Main Entrance opened in the Yan-Nian (延年) sector and the Consultation Room where my children usually seen by the Doctor is in the Tian-Yi or the “Heavenly Doctor” (天医) sector. In additional, the other Consultation room2 and the Treatment Room are also located in the Good sectors - a good layout where a Medical Clinic or Suite should have.

The Main Entrance to foster Relationship
When tapping into the energies or Qi of the Yan-Nian (延年) sector, such as having the Main Door here, it helps to foster good relationship and “likeability”. People would simply like to visit this clinic whenever they or their loved ones fall sick.

The Heavenly Doctor as your Nobleman
When tapping into the energies or Qi of the “Heavenly Doctor” (天医) sector, such as usage of this sector as a doctor’s consultation room, it assists in obtaining help from noble people and maintaining good health. In this case, the Doctor is the Noble people (贵人) for your wellness.

A Medical Suite Case Study
Royal Square @ Novena - a new integrated development within the future Health City Novena
Royal Square @ Novena is a 33 Sty Commercial + Hotel Development with Medical Suites that stand in a renowned medical arena. Do you know which Medical Suites conform to a good layout where a Medical Clinic should have, Feng Shui-wise? 

Doctors who owned or an intention to own/lease a Medical Suite or Clinic, probably it would be a good consideration to check if your clinic has the Yan-Nian Relationship Door and the Tian-Yi Nobleman Consultation Room, and probably the Wealth sector (财位) where your cashier counter resides. Hey, Doctor being the “Heavenly Doctor” to help others will still need to earn a living.

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