Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wealth Series: Wealth Door for IDEO Q Diamond

Generally, West, Northeast and South are the Best Doors for a Period 8 East facing Homes. These directions have good facing stars with Wealth energy. Select one of these doors based on your Life Gua. If one of these directions is also one of your Personal Good Directions, you could be lucky with money! However, avoid choosing a door that faces Southeast or in the Southeast sector, as it will activate negative energy!

Using IDEO Q Siam – Ratchathewi (Diamond) @ Bangkok, Thailand as an illustration, the Unit as shown (circled in Red) could be blessed with a Wealth Door to activate money luck. As always, when there is Good, there will be Bad. Do you know which unit has the Unfavourable Door that activates negative energy?

Ideo Q Siam – Ratchathewi (Diamond) – a newly launched residential development in Central Bangkok.

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