Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wealth Series: Wealth Bedroom for Cassia Residences

Generally, South, Southeast, Southwest, or East are Best to locate the Bedroom to enhance your wealth luck for a Period 8 Southwest facing Homes. These directions have good Wealth energy, and it is best to place your headboard or bed towards one of these directions.

Using Cassia Residences @ Phuket, Thailand as an illustration, the Unit as shown (circled in Red) could be blessed with 2 Living Bedrooms to activate money luck. As always, when there is Good, there will be Bad. Do you know which unit has a less favourable bedroom that could affect your wealth and health?

Cassia Residences – a newly launched Hotel Suite development in Phuket
For those who have the intend to own a unit in this development for their lifestyle living, you might want to know that with the support from the conducive external landforms; like the mountains and the lagoons in its vicinity, you might be living in a unit that could be benefiting from the Five Ghost Carry Treasure (五鬼运财), a formation that enhances vast amount of wealth in a relatively short time.

Cassia Residences – A Unique and Appealing proposition that brings together world class hospitality and attractive investment opportunity.

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