Friday, March 18, 2016

A Short Story about City View @ Boon Keng

Using City View @ Boon Keng as an illustration, this Southeast facing development could be benefiting from the incoming Bendemeer Road from the Northeast direction for Wealth creation. Some of the properties in this development enjoy good Feng Shui as it could be receiving Later Heaven Water (后天水) based on Landforms Feng Shui.

Wealth opportunities could further improve when water is installed at the correct place, especially for the self-employed and professionals that involves in the academic fields, accountants, doctors, engineers, etc.

A site plan of City View @ Boon Keng facing the Bendemeer Road
For those who want to improve your life endeavours, a basic Feng Shui Analysis would probably be a good start to help you to re-ascertain your wealth spot and improve your wealth opportunities with your home.

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