Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Do you have these Numbers for great Success and Wealth?

The Life Charts of 2 famous All-Time Favorite Artistes
The Life Charts of 2 famous All-Time Favorite Artistes

As more lights are shining on the highly anticipated Star Awards 2022 that is set to take place in the coming month of April in Singapore, many would start voting for their favorite artiste, hopefully, be awarded the next All-Time Favorite Artiste after they have won the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes for ten times.

From a check at Wikipedia on the Star Awards for All-Time Favorite Artistes to date 24 artistes had received their awards since 2004. 

Of these artistes, there are at least 40% of them have the power of 123 number combination in their life chart, and at least 60% of them have a relatively good personal Wealth code for Wealth and Property. Although you may not be a celebrity, these traits could also propel you to great Success and wealth. 

Hence, find out if you, your loved ones, or your children also have the power of 123 or a good Personal Wealth Code too.

More stories will be mentioned in my upcoming 2 Day Online Masterclass, where you will learn from the very basic to the advanced knowledge of Numbers mastery in an easy-to-learn approach with lots of illustrations.

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