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What is your Root?

The Root Number is derived from the date of birth. It represents the core character of a person. It is one of the most important numbers in a numerology profile.

How to compute ?
To compute the Root Number from the Date of Birth, the numbers in the Date of Birth are added together and then reduce it to a single digit.

For Example:
A person who was borned on 14/11/1963 (in dd/mm/yyyy format).

1 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1+ 9 + 6 + 3 = 26

2 + 6 = 8

With reference to the above person whom Date of Birth is 14//11/963, the Root number is computed to be 8.

A Root Number 8 person is generally an emotional and busy person always under pressure and stress.

Brief General Character based on Root 1 – 9
This is a brief description about an individual related to the various Root numbers. A detailed description is presented in the Your Life Story with Numbers- Personalized report as well as in the Lite edition free calculator found in the website: for your perusal.

Below is a summary of unique keywords that relates to the Root Numbers 1 – 9, for ease of reference.

Case Studies of an individual whom Date of Birth is 30 Dec 1975.

This person belongs to Root # 1. He is an independent individual, has leadership, but have a lot of backstabbers and jealous people around him.

He has many rich friends and/or will get to meet and deal with high-ranking official. However, he tends to give a lot of obstacles or problems to his friends and supporters and this result in stress. In return, people may also give obstacles and problems to him.

Besides being aggressive and impatient, he is a hot-tempered and emotional person. The chart reveals that he has a strong sex drive. He can be indecisive at time, and owing to this might involve in doing silly things or actions in life. It also reveals that he may have an opportunity to remarry. With reference to the above analysis, there is a high chance that he might end up with marriage problem relating to sex.

The Advice:
It is better for this person to marry late. If he is already married, then he must invest more time in managing his marriage. It is also advisable to control his temper.

Note: The date of birth of this person is taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia online. For not violating any privacy issue or legal implication, no name will be mentioned as the case study discussed above is meant for educational and analysis studies purposes only.

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