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Selecting a Good Property – Receiving Nobleman help and Improving Career Endeavours

A Treasure Trove @ Punggol
Source from atreasuretrove.org
The article in this series serves as an example to assist home buyers to qualify for a good investment property or properties that could enjoy good Feng Shui and good Return on Investment or ROI with a mean to hedge against inflation. It also acts as an illustration to share the knowledge of Classical Feng Shui principles that could be used to assess a good property. This is based on the recent A Treasure Trove @ Punggol Condo launch.

With reference to the Site Plan of development, this development site could benefit from the external environment based on Feng Shui principle.

A Treasure Trove @ Punggol site is well-positioned with respect to the Sungei Punggol, which serves as a Water Mouth (水口) in the Northwest or North of the site.

An illustration of properties from
A Treasure Trove @ Punggol
conforming to Feng Shui principles
With the Main Entrance entering the site in the Southeast direction, this could ushering the Officer Water (临官水) into the site and residents will benefit from this formation which conforms to one of the 4 Major Water structures in San He Water Assessment Theory (三合水法). With reference to this formation, it denotes assistance help from noble people, improving career endeavours and good fortune.

In general, with the affinity between the Water mouth and the Main Entrance conforming to Feng Shui principle, residents in this site would benefit from this formation.

Although the site would be blessed with better Feng Shui, this qualifies one of the important factors in Classical Feng Shui; i.e. the Environment. One must still need to ascertain the Building, the Residents and Time factors. These are the 4 important factors that we look out for in ensuring a property conforming to Good Feng Shui.

With these in mind, we could able to select a better unit within the building with a good facing direction to harness the good energy or Qi into your unit so that it is beneficial to you and your loved ones. In addition, one should also select a unit which is not only better located to tap to the external environment but also to the near surroundings, such as in respect to the swimming pool and personalizing which floor levels are more suitable for the residents, Feng Shui per se.
Site Plan of A Treasure Trove showing where the
Water Mouth location with respect to the site conforming
to the Fire Structure of the 4 Major Water Structure in San-He

What if the Main Entrance is not Southeast?
Should the Main Entrance to the Site is not Southeast but in the directions entering from those bearings that are demarked for the Water Exit; for example, the Main Entrance is situated in the Northwest, then the Feng Shui of this site would be entirely different and may not be as favourable as the current Southeast Entrance.

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