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Selecting a Good Property – Receiving Wealth and Prosperity from the Waterway

Water Brooks @ Punggol
Source from HDB website
The article in this series serves as an example to assist homebuyers to qualify for a good investment property or properties that could enjoy good Feng Shui and good Return on Investment or ROI with a mean to hedge against inflation. It also acts as an illustration to share the knowledge of Classical Feng Shui principles that could be used to assess a good property. This is based on the recent Water Brooks @ Punggol, a new Build-To-Order (HDB - BTO) housing launch.

With reference to the residential development site plan, the site is facing the Punggol Waterway. Should the incoming water is flowing to the Water Brooks site from the North direction, most of the North facing units could be receiving the prosperous Huge Door Water.

So what is so good about Huge Door Water?
The Huge Door Water (巨门水) is derived from the Assistant Star Transformation Water Method (辅星水法), a water assessment from San-He Feng Shui. In Feng Shui context, Huge Door Water governs wealth, and receiving this water denotes wealth creation, good fortune and prosperity. It also indicates excellent financial luck, which also augurs well for business owners and entrepreneurs.

What if the Water is flowing in the opposite direction?
As the coin has 2 sides, should the water is exiting from the site towards the North direction, then the bad attributes of the Huge Door Water could be surfaced instead. At the same time, this also means that the site could be receiving the Assistant Star Water (辅弼水) from the Southeast direction and this denotes improving Family Luck, fostering lots of helpful people and good friends.

In general, based on the water assessment, receiving water from various directions denotes different endeavors that could affect the residents, as the outcome can be good or bad. 

There are a total of 8 type of water, comprises of 4 prosperous and 4 inauspicious incoming water. The Huge Door (巨门) Water is classified as 1 of the prosperous water. The other types of water are the Greedy Wolf (贪狼), Military Art (武曲), Assistant Star (辅弼), Rewards (禄存), Literary Arts (文曲), Chastity (廉贞) and Broken Soldier (破军) Water.

As an example, if your property is receiving the Broken Soldier Water (破军水), then the residents will be more prone to harbinger of serious accidents, catastrophes, bankruptcy and chronic poor health.

An illustration of properties from Water Brooks @ Punggol
conforming to Feng Shui principles
With reference to the Site plan, as the waterway could be leading the water towards the site in the North direction, units located in the specific facing would be also able to tap into the Ushering the Officer Water (催官水法), another important water assessment from San-He Feng Shui. If your unit is able to conform to this water assessment, it denotes good achievements, accolades and respectable reputation. However, be mindful that should water is flowing in the opposite direction, i.e water is flowing away from the site towards the North direction instead, then the end result based on Feng Shui context could be different.

An aerial view of the Punggol Waterway

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