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How to prove Feng Shui exists?

Can Feng Shui help to improve your Good Fortune?
Most if not all of the people that I met, and especially those who are new to Feng Shui, always have an impression that Feng Shui exists if you believe and non-existence if you don’t. I must emphasize that Feng Shui does exist whether you believe it or not.

If Feng Shui exists, then Prove it !
Activate the bad Qi and see what happens? Probable effect would be losing money, falling sick, encountering car accident, major surgery, or any bad endeavours that you might encounter.

Why don’t activate the Good Qi to prove that Feng Shui exists? The answer is simply because people will always claim that it is their good fortune and got nothing to do with the Feng Shui aspect.

Annual and Monthly Flying Star Qi
Chart with Double 5 in the East
in Mar 2011
For those that still don’t believe in Feng Shui, I dare you to try the followings:
Go to the Bad sector of your house; in this case the East sector, sleep in that room, renovate the space, knock the wall to hang your favourite painting or picture in that room. For those properties that have a garden, plant a tree in the east of your house.

Just do something or any form of activities that can activate the Qi in this bad sector, and you could enjoy a year of bad fortune.

Qi Map of a S2-Facing unit
with 5 Facing Star
in the East sector
For those Period 8 houses that are facing South and Southeast as well as those Period 7 houses facing North, these properties are having a 5 facing star in the East sector and this could be more prone to misfortune than other houses, especially if the Main Door is situated in this sector.

Should you have encountered bad fortune or difficulties in this period of time, and proves that Bad Qi exists,  then it also means that Good Qi also exists. Therefore, if you activate the good Qi, you could also enjoy good Feng Shui and fortune.

An illustration of how nasty the Double 5 can be?
Japan being situated in the East Asia was seriously hit by Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011, causing many lives and wealth loss. In Feng Shui context, the 5 Yellow annual star (Bad Qi) resides in the East sector this year in 2011. And coincidentally, the 5 Yellow monthly star also arrives in the East sector. With the Double 5 sitting in the East, it is not difficult to convince that it will be more prone to the impact of bad fortune or event occurring in the East.

The Japan Tsunami in March 2011. The effect of the Nasty Double 5?

Besides the Nasty 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞), you should also beware of the 3 Killings sha (三煞) in the West, the Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太岁) in the East and the Year Breaker or Sui Po (岁破) in the West. These are the Annual Afflictions in 2011.

Double 8 and 9 in the Northwest
and West sectors respectively
in Mar and Dec 2011.
If the nasty Double 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) is affecting the East with Bad fortune, then does it also means that the Double 8 and Double 9 would bring better or Good fortune in the Northwest and West sectors respectively?

For your information, the 8 and 9 stars are the “Good Stars” (旺星) in Period 8, from 2004 – 2023. Using the sectors where the 8 and 9 stars resides would improve in Wealth and Business opportunities as well as happy events and growth like a promotion and advancement at work.

Guess what? The Double 5 will be “visiting” the East sector again in the coming December 2011. And for 2012, both the Nasty 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) and the Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太岁) will be residing in the Southeast. Hopefully they are not too nasty this time.

For existing Home owners who are encountering some bad patches or want to improve their current Property’s Feng Shui, you might consider a Property Feng Shui Consultation to seek for an alternative viewpoint and advice.

For more details on a Property Feng Shui Consultation, click here.

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