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Do you know where is your Noble People?

The Chinese Classic on Nobleman.
Your Day Master (日元) can assist not only to improve your Academic luck, Nobleman or Mentor luck, but It could also help to enhance your Wealth, Health, Career opportunities, etc. Although the attained result may not be as effective as those from Feng Shui principles, but it is still better than not having one, and furthermore, it could be more easier to implement without the sound understanding and technicalities of Feng Shui.

In the earlier article, we have mentioned about the Tian Yi (天医) as the Heavenly Doctor or Nobleman sector/direction (贵人方). This is one of the principles that are defined by 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅风水). There are other classic in determining the Nobleman direction. One of the more popular ones is the Nobleman Classic (贵人列).

So what is Nobleman?
At times, have you encountered when you are in difficult situations and nobody could or even stand-up to give you a helping hand, or when at your workplace, there are little or no support from your fellow colleagues and friends. If you have met just such situation before or now, then you could have a Nobleman problem.

Nobleman (贵人) or noblemen are usually people who are helpful to you at work and in life. They could be your boss, colleagues, friends, family members or relatives, etc, giving you assistant help just when you needed it most. They could give you an idea, a solution to a problem, or in business where people providing you with more businesses or recommendations that could lead to more sales.

This Nobleman principle is not only used in Feng Shui, but also commonly used in BAZI (4 Pillars of destiny) analysis. In Feng Shui, this is commonly used to determine the auspicious sector of the property. By aligning or tapping to this good sector or direction, it would enhance better Nobleman luck, helping you in achieving your endeavours or goals more easily, and hopefully would lead to more opportunities and wealth luck. Hence, in order to tap to this ‘Nobleman Qi’, we need to stay in the Nobleman sector more often, and it is best to have your bedroom, study room situated in this sector.

The Life Chart and Day Master of a Water person born on 28-Aug-1976
whom Nobleman Sectors are E2 and SE3.
For example, a person born on 28-Aug-1976, is a Water person. His Day Master is 壬水, Ren Water. As a Ren Water person, his Nobleman sectors and directions are E2 (East2, 82.6 - 97.5 Degrees) and SE3 (Southeast3, 142.6 - 157.5 Degrees). To benefit from these sectors, simply use this space more often.

Using a 3-Room Apartment of Miltonia Residences @ Yishun as an illustration, the Nobleman sectors of the Ren Water Day Master person are in the Master Bedroom (E2) and the Balcony (SE3).

In additional, based on his Year of Birth, he is best suitable to select a unit in the 4th or 5th floor level from the 5 Storey high Resort Style Residences. If both floor levels are not available, then the next better choice will be the unit in the 3rd floor level.

A Floorplan of a 3 Room Apartment of Miltonia Residences @ Yishun.
Nobleman sectors are in the Master Bedroom (E2) and the Balcony (SE3).

Miltonia Residences @ Yishun overlooking the Orchid Country Club Golf Course and the Lower Seletar Reservoir
To further enhance the Nobleman sector, you could administer water, like a water features or an aquarium in the Balcony area, although it may not be necessary as the balcony is facing the Orchid Country Club Golf Course and the Lower Seletar Reservoir, a refreshing and scenic external environment.

To conclude, one could strive to achieve many of their life endeavors with the help of their Day Master or Day of Birth to ascertain their Nobleman sector or direction. May your Noble people always be with you, especially in these thriving times...

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