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What’s when a passionate Artist meets an Analyzer?

Are you a Passionate and Detailed Artist?
The Day Master (日元) reveals who you are, and it denotes your very basic character and personality. There are a total of 10 Day Masters, and every and any people can belong to one of these Day Masters. When the Day Master is read together with the Root number; i.e. the personal number from the Science of Numbers, it could provide a more detailed analysis of the person combining the best of both Metaphysical Sciences.

A Bing Fire person (丙火) is like the Big Hot Sun, which provides warmth and affection to the surrounding people. He is always consistent in his action and perform better with routine tasks, as the Sun always rises from the East and sets in the West. Hence the general characteristic of a Bing Fire person is Generous, Affectionate and Perseverance. Other characteristics and traits are listed in the map as shown below.

The characteristics and traits of a Bing Fire (丙火) person.

Who he is?
An individual born on the 24-Feb-1955 is a Fire person (丙火, Bing Fire) and belonging to Root # 1.
The Life Chart of a Root #1, Bing Fire Person
(丙火, Bing Fire)
This person is an American entrepreneur and inventor, as well as a charismatic leader and presenter. Based on his Date of Birth, he has a profile of a creative Artist and a detailed Analyzer, a person who is throughout and passionate in his creation. In additional, as a Root #1 person, he is an independent, and have great leadership, but would attract backstabbers and jealous people around him. From his Life Chart, he also has the power of 123, a trait that enable him to be famous and in sync with his current profile.

The legend of this individual is indeed an inspiring one. He created the first Apple computer in a garage as a school dropout. By the time Apple had grown to be a multi-billion dollars company, he resigned from Apple after losing a power struggle with the board of directors in 1985. He returned to Apple, the company he co-founded after more than 10 years later and served as its CEO from 1997 till his recent resignation in August 2011, but remained at the company as chairman of the company's board.

He has revealed the basic characteristics of a Bing Fire person who is liked a Sun that shows great affection and perseverance.
Just wonder if he is not a Bing Fire person, would he had returned to Apple?

Do you also want to discover more about yourself and better understand who you are, what’s your profile, your strengths and weaknesses, so as to enable you to design your own path of least resistance to success.

Some of us may have a poor or bad start, but we always want to have a good ending, don’t you agree?

Note: Some of the details in this article are extracted from Wiki.

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