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Do you have a Road crossing behind your back?

In Feng Shui, the external environment plays an important role in assessing a property; whether it is a residential or commercial property. The other 3 factors are the Building, the People and Time.
The 4 important factors of Classical Feng Shui
In Classical Feng Shui, it is about natural life energy or Qi, and how this Qi flows and meanders in the external environment, and how it can be harnessed and channelled into and circulating within the house, benefiting the occupants to achieve their goals in life.

Those who practice New Age Feng Shui would say that they could improve and even enhance the internal Feng Shui of their house with objects and figurines, turning a bad Feng Shui property into a good. However, be mindful that this “quick fix” solution for the interior of the property may not be good enough as you have not fixed the external yet.

I can still remember couple of years ago where my teacher used to say this popular verse: If a person does not have hair, he cannot perm hair. This can best be explained that if the quality of the presence of Qi is poor in the external environment, there is little you can do to usher it into the house, then whatsoever Feng Shui formula and remedial fixes that you can do and have done to improve the Feng Shui of the house could be redundant and useless.

Verse to Remember:
If a person does not have hair, he cannot perm hair.

Hence, a good external environment should always be the most important factor in Feng Shui perspective when assessing the “health” of the property.

Below is an illustration of how the surrounding environment affects the Feng Shui of the property, and this could indirectly affecting the well being of the occupants. More illustrations that can commonly be seen in our housing development will be shared in future articles. The property as mentioned here could be a standalone house, terrace, town house or an apartment/condominium building with many units.

If there is a busy road, highway or waterway on the left or the back of the property, the occupants in this property will first prosper and bless with good fortune and people luck. However, as time goes by, it will turn from good to bad. Hence, this type of property is preferred for short-term stay and investment, but not advisable for long-term living.

Waterway or Road at the back or left of the property contributes to Bad Feng Shui.
Source from an ancient Feng Shui Classic - 皇帝宅经

An aerial view of a row of properties (circled in green)
with their back facing the highway

So the next time when you are driving along on the highway, you might spot some these properties with their back facing the highway in the urban as well as the suburban areas.

Hence, if you are currently considering buying a new Home, always beware to watch your back and side.

* Remember to Always *
Watch your Back !

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