Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do you have Water in the Heaven Heart for Great Fortune and Wealth?

The Power of Water with Wealth (水为财)
In Chinese Culture, Water has always been related to Wealth; there are many Chinese Sayings like: “水为财”, “近山贵,近水富”, 山管人丁,水管财”, etc…..This shows the importance and the power of water, and also our perception about how water can be administered to enable people to improve their wealth capacity. In Classical Feng Shui, water is one medium to enable the vibrant Life Energy or Qi to be collected and gathered at the boundary of water.
Encorp Marina in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Malaysia.
In a good and conducive greater external environment, it is auspicious to have water located in front of the building or property so as to gather the Qi in this Bright Hall or Ming-Tang (明堂) , and with the property being protected by your left and right embraces, which are usually hills or mountain ranges. In urban cities, these could be buildings and higher grounds. Your property should also be supported from the back; i.e. High grounds, hill, building, etc. and in front with a Table Mountain or An-Shan (案山), so that the Qi can be locked into the Bright Hall. With this formation, it would be beneficial to the residents.
Marina Bay, Singapore
with the Left and Right embracing the Water by the Bay
As natural placement of water in the right location, in the right timing, and in the greater external environment is not easily found and ascertained, as such, people are constructing man-made pools and ponds in front or in close proximity in their living environment. This can be commonly seen in big commercial centers or building as well as in residential properties.

Swimming Pools located at the heart of WaterView - a New Residential Development in Tampines

Water fountain at the facde of Ngee Ann City

Water fountain at the heart of Suntec City

The location where the water is located in the center of the Bright Hall is known as the Heaven Heart (天心). With water in this location, and which is also protected with the Left and Right embraces, back and front supported, this formation will benefit people residing in this region. There are sayings like: “穴前明堂正中处,喜得丽水聚天心” and水聚天心,富贵万金”. These verses shows the importance and power of water that would bring great fortune and wealth to the people living in this area.

The Haven @ Ipoh, Malaysia
Hence, the next time if you want to find a good place as your dream home or a good-value investment; ie. It could be a building, or in the greater external environment, like a town or a city, check if there is placement of water in the heaven heart…. 

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