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Have you selected a Good Date for your New Home?

A Good Beginning for your New Home with Qi Men Dun Jia
Whether you are a believer of metaphysics or not, we all want a good start and completion of every activities or events that we pursue. Many if not all will usually agree to select a good date to begin with their important activities as we will always believe that a good start with a good day will give a better rate of success.

Traditional Date Selection is always used to select an auspicious day to perform an activity. It could be an job interview, business opening, wedding, moving in to a new house, renovation, product launch, or the start of any activities with an intent to execute successfully, etc. In the bottom-line, we all want a good start to do something, and hope to execute it successfully. Typically, one will usually refer to a Chinese Almanc or Tung Shu (通书) to select a good date. Some will add-on more advance principles, like Dong Gong (董公) Date Selection to qualify for a more auspicious day.

While Traditional Date Selection focus on a good day, Qi Men Dun Jia Date and Time Selection (奇门遁甲择日法) emphasis on a good Hour, it provides another layer of analysis pertaining to the activity, and is usually known as the micro-analysis of Date Selection.

When both Date Selection methods are used together, this would complement both principles and definitely improve not only the auspiciousness of the day selected, but also the time to execute an activity.

The followings illustrate the important of Qi Men Date and Time Selection on Moving into a New House.

Example #1:
A couple had bought a new apartment and have moved-in to their new Southeast Facing home. Both are born in 1966, which is the year of the Horse. They had chosen 2014-Jun-20 at 3.30pm for their moving into their new home.

It was a Stable day (定日) and an auspicious day for moving into a new house. Based on Qi Men, the selected auspicious hour also indicates that the couple is in a good “harmony and relationship” with their new house. In additional, this also indicates that the couple will also be in a harmonious relationship.
A Qi Men Hour Chart with the Life Door in the Northwest palace represents the good quality of the house and its relationship with the occupants. 

Example #2:
Should they have chosen the same day but an earlier time at 11.30am instead, then the outcome could be totally different. As in the Qi Men chart, the relationship of the couple would encounter obstacles ahead in their relationship after they have moved into their new house.
A Qi Men Hour Chart with the Death Door in the Northeast palace indicates that the challenging relationship between the couple after they have moved into their new house. 

The above examples illustrate that a good day could be unfavourable should the time is not selected correctly. Believe it or not, in Qi Men Dun Jia, Time plays an important part in determining the success of the House Moving activity.

A Bad Move-In Date that could affect your Health and Wealth
The following is a Case Study extracted from a Chinese Reference written by a Metaphysics Master.

A couple moved into their new south facing home on 2-April-2002, 7am. The Qi Men chart indicates there could be a potential wealth loss and health problem should the couple moved into their new home in the above-stated time. In additional, there was also a telltale sign that the marriage would be “harmed” and not lasting.

A Qi Men Hour Chart with the Harm Door in the North palace indicates that a challenging marriage relationship probably owing to the wife health problem and money matter as reflected in the East palace.

Author's Comment on the Outcome:
A few months after the couple moved into their new home, the wife was diagnosed with cancer on her left breast. She had a surgery to remove her affected breast and had spent a lot of money in the operation. In the end, this “hurt” their marriage as the husband had "given out" on her and decided to look for "new love" outside their marriage.

If you are currently planning to move-in to your Dream Home, probably it’s the right time to consider to select a good date and time. Click here for more details for a New Beginning with Good Dates.

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