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Are you Renovating your Home this Year?

Each year, certain directions are considered inauspicious because they can exert negative influences or Sha-Qi. And one of these bad energies is the Tai Sui (太岁) and it changes direction and location annually. 
Tai Sui (太岁– a Feng Shui Affliction that can exert negative influences to the occupants

What is Tai Sui?
The Tai Sui (太岁), generally referred to the Grand Duke of Jupiter, is an intangible “star” or body of energy that exists on a 12-year cycle. As such it coincides with the Chinese horoscope, and hence the Tai Sui will “follow” the year.

Why it is important?
Offending or disturbing the Tai Sui may cause various levels of effects including illness and injury. Minor effects could lead to loss of money and unwanted setbacks. Medical effects could mean blood-related injuries and wealth loss. Extreme effects could cause mishaps, accidents, severe injuries, calamities and fatalities.

Who will it affect?
In Metaphysics context, properties whether they are for Residential or Commercial use, facing the Tai Sui must be more careful as there is a saying: “太岁宜坐不宜向”, literally its means you can sit with the Tai Sui but not facing it. Hence, the occupants might be affected by the bad-effect of the Tai Sui as mentioned earlier.

When will it happen?
As the Tai Sui will “follow” the year, it moves to the South in 2014 while in 2015, it will reside in the Southwest, and the list goes on….

For an example,
In the coming Wei (Goat) Year, a property with a Southwest (SW1) sitting is acceptably sitting on the Tai Sui, but a property with a Southwest (SW1) facing is detrimentally facing the Tai Sui and it is highly unfavourable.

Any Remedial Action?
Avoid disturbing engaging in renovations or construction in the Tai Sui direction as this will violate the Tai Sui and activate its negative energy or Sha-Qi (煞气). The good news is as long as the Tai Sui is not "disturbed", it is usually not a problem as detrimental effects will not occur without a cause. "Not disturbed" could be referring to a renovation or construction, especially in the Southwest sector of your home. 

Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid the Tai Sui and not to engage in a new construction or renovation of a property during the specific year that faces the Tai Sui. For example, moving into your new Home which is Southwest facing or intending to renovate your existing Southwest facing house, or even the Southwest sector of your home in the coming Goat year, is a definite “NO-NO”.

Some of these New Homes are Southwest facing. So take caution if you are going to move-in to these new properties next year.
Are you game to try?
For those whom disbelieve with the negative effect of Tai Sui and are inspired to take the challenge, you can consider “activating” your Southwest sector of your home although I strongly discourage you to do so. By the way, having your Main Door in the Southwest direction would be activating the Tai Sui Sha automatically. So beware.

Are there Exceptions?
If you are moving into your new Home or intending to renovate your existing home in the coming 2015, and so happen that your Home is Southwest facing, then it is advisable to select a good date to perform construction and renovations. Click here for more details on Date Selection.

Date Selection - the key to reduce the negative impact and ensure good fortune for a good start
Alternatively, you might also consider seeking a Feng Shui Consultation for a peace of mind and as at the same time If you want to know what's your home is trying to tell you in the coming year. Click here for more details.

Besides the Tai Sui, the other 3 important Feng Shui afflictions are the San Sha (三煞), Sui Po (岁破) and the 5-Yellow Sha (五黄煞). Whether for Residential, Commercial or Industrial properties, all these afflictions would affect the well-being of the occupants in these properties in the specific year. So beware.

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