Thursday, June 11, 2015

How do you know a House is Sick and Scandalous?

Qi Men + Feng Shui the tools to uncover the hidden secrets of your Home
Not too long ago, I was engaged in a Feng Shui consultation. My client had an intention to purchase a house in the resale market. They have viewed many and eventually found one. However, not all the family members agreed to this unit as it is relative dark even in the broad daylight and they also feel a sense of uneasiness when they were in the unit. Hence, they decided to seek for a second opinion with a Feng Shui consultation.

What's from a Qi Men Analysis
A Qi Men (奇门) reading was initiated for the House and the analysis reveals that this house was not only dark, but "darkness" in Qi Men could also refer to possible wield encounter for those who stay in the house. In additional, it also indicates that the occupants will be more prone to sickness and could be fatalistic. 
A Qi Men Chart of the House indicates sickness and influence of "dark forces" encounters. 

About the Floor Plan
The house is a Period 8 Northeast facing house with the Main Door in the South. With reference to Xuan Kong Flying Star principle (玄空飞星), this house could indicate scandals, adultery and betrayals if water is located in the untimely sector. Furthermore, based on the Flying Star chart and Floor Layout, there is also a chance of short-lived romantic encounters or affairs that could fall upon the occupants, and might end up to a divorce or separation.
Floor Layout of a Northeast Facing house with its Flying Stars Chart
With the above analysis, the Qi Men (奇门) and Feng Shui (风水) approach could have uncovered the "untold" secrets of this house and allow my client to make better decision in the house hunting. Obviously, my client had decided to give this house a pass and looking forward for another one.

If you are currently searching for your new home especially in the resale market, do your due diligence in qualifying the house. And if needed, call for a second opinion to access the "well being" of your choice as you never know what's the untold secrets within, if there is one.

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