Friday, March 24, 2017

The Impact of Missing Sector in your Home

Illustrations of Floor Plans with Missing or "Partial Missing" Sectors in recent new launches

"Missing sectors denote areas that are problematic, and this could lead to wealth and health-related problems."

In the current times where land is sacred, many houses especially residential development that is been built with an intent to maximize their investment values for a good view; such as units facing sea view, waterway, waterfront or with a good frontage for all if not most of the units in the development. Other reasons could be owing to more emphasis is taken in promoting the theme of the development and some as a designer icon, but may have neglected or not having a personal touch with Feng Shui, and some against its basic principle.

Hence, some of the units could have been built with missing sectors or corners in their floor layout, and more commonly found in smaller units.

A missing sector is considered a ‘weakened sector’, since the Qi flow to this area would not be balanced. Missing sectors denote areas that are problematic, and this could lead to wealth and health-related problems.

Examples of floor plans with relatively Squarish Layout

The following reveals 2 of the important sectors of your home. Should they are missing, what will be the probable impact on the occupants.

What if the Southwest sector is missing?
The Southwest sector represents the Woman of the House, and it can refer to the Mother, Wife or elderly woman. If this sector is missing, it indicates that the matrimonial relationship may not be smooth sailing. Her well-being may not be good and may be more prone to illness relating to skin, abdominal & stomach, poor appetite, and digestion, etc. 

What if the Northwest sector is missing?
As the Northwest sector of the house represents the Man of the House, it can refer as the Father, Husband, and elderly man. If this sector is missing, this means the Man of the House is “missing” or no affinity to the house. He may be also not at home owing to business activities or overseas job engagements or simply stay out late. It may also affect his well being, like headache, bone and lung-related sickness. For prolong stay, this may also attract a lot of Peach Blossom (犯桃花), career instability and might cause matrimonial relationship to turn sour. So Beware.

Illustrations of Floor Plans with a Dumb-Bell layout
A Floor Plan with a Dumb-Bell layout is like a tortoise protruding its head from the shell. For the Chinese, the tortoise is sacred and symbolizes longevity, power, and tenacity. However, when it comes to home layout, this denotes occupants are more prone to encountering accidents and injuries. 

Hence, when selecting your dream home especially for your own stay and with your Loved ones, consider choosing a home layout that is squarish or rectangular, preferably without missing sectors for better health and wealth. 

Besides the home layout, more importantly, the external environment could be a positive catalyst for improving the Feng Shui rating to be better or at least reduces the negative influence.

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