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How do you know a person has the potential to become a well-known and respectable leader?

A person who has 2, 7, and 123 not only has the quality and charisma to become a successful and famous celebrity with vocal, support, network attributes, but also with the power of 123 which reveals that this person has the ability to lead, talk, articulate and act. These are the required attributes in the making of a well-known politician.

In addition, as a successful and wise politician, you need the attribute of 4 which represents intelligent, wisdom, a planner or strategist.

This person besides having the power of 123, he also has 4, 2, a number of 7s. In this Life Chart, the 4 is the Root Number, which reveals that he is intelligent and a knowledge seeker.

Example #1
Using an individual born on 16-Sep-1923 as an illustration, he is a Singaporean statesman. He was the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, governing for three decades. By the time he chose to step down to enable a stable leadership renewal, he had become the world's longest-serving Prime Minister.
Source from Wiki

Example #2
Using another individual born in 20-May-1941 as an illustration, coincidentally similar to the earlier Life Chart, this person also has a 4 as the Root Number, 2s, 7s and the power of 123.

He became Singapore's second Prime Minister on 28 November 1990 and served in the role until 12 August 2004. He subsequently served as Senior Minister until May 2011, and as Chairman of the Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS).
Source from Wiki

What's the basis of this analysis?
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