Friday, October 27, 2017

Enhancing your Health at Home

A East Facing Apartment with a Tian Yi (天医 - Heavenly Doctor)
Master Bedroom in the Southwest sector

In the study of 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅风水), the health sector commonly known as Tian Yi (天医) or the Heavenly Doctor is one of the good sectors in your home where this life energy or Qi resides. Tapping to this energy can help to improve your heath.

Therefore, if you can identify your House Gua, or the facing direction of your property, then you can ascertain the Tian Yi sector of your property and try "aligning" to this positive energy.

One will ask, how can we tap to this energy? Well, just stay in this sector more often, or have your bedroom, study room situated in this location. A Bedroom where the Tian Yi sector resides, is best suit for people who need an extra boost or more attention in addressing their health state. It is also good for elderly or senior people staying in the Tian Yi Bedroom as it could improve their health and well-being.

"One should use the Tian Yi Sector more often for Better Health"

A Table showing the Tian Yi Sector in relation to the House Facing

For example,
If your property is facing East, then the Tian Yi (天医) sector will be in the Southwest sector of your property where the Master Bedroom is located.
The Tian Yi (天医 - Heavenly Doctor) Sector is located in the Master Bedroom

Besides Health, Tian Yi (天医) can also enhance your mentor luck or commonly known as your Nobleman luck (贵人运). This can attract more helpful people to you, assisting you to achieve your life goals more easily.

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