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Are you prepare to face the Dark Forces in 2018?

The 4 Annual Afflictions residing in the North, Northwest and Southeast in 2018

"If you are going to move-in to your new home, especially for North-South facing house that requires renovation, then you might want to beware of the Five Yellow Sha and Three Killings where both are residing in the North sector."

In coming new year, the 4 Feng Shui Afflictions will be residing in the North, Northwest and Southeast. They are the Three Killings (三煞), the Five Yellow (五黄), the Year Breaker (岁破and the Grand Duke (太岁). These are the negative energies and the most dangerous of them all is none other than the Five Yellow residing in the North. Coupled by the Three Killings, this made the North sector of your home even more negative, especially the North-South facing homes, beware!

Should these annual afflictions are disturbed, this can lead to negative consequences or serious repercussions, such as health complications, wealth loss, loss of material possessions, robberies, theft, mishaps and accidents.

The seriousness of the “damages” would depend on the intensity of the negativity being invoked; it could be as small as a hammer knock on the wall to a massive construction works in the nearby neighbourhood.

Mass construction works that can emit negative energies to its surrounding residents
As the New Year is just around the corner, should these afflictions are provoked, then these negative energies would manifest in the form of bad encounters or incidents to the occupants throughout the year. For example, problems could be the family members fallen sick one after the other, or they could endear bad or disharmony incidents occurring continuously, etc. So beware.

Be more cautious if you are considering perform any renovations or refurbishment works to your homes, especially those North-South and Northwest-Southeast facing homes. As energies are changing progressively especially during this period of the year, these negative energies can arrive earlier, and you may have "invited" these negative energies to your house unintentionally and be your "unwanted guests" for the entire year. 

Should you are currently encountering problems that are mentioned earlier in this article, or those who are considering renovating your existing or new homes, you can consider seeking professional Feng Shui advice to negate or reduce the impact of these negative energies.
Consider seeking professional Feng Shui advice to negate or reduce the negative impact of the annual afflictions. Click here for more details.

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