Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is your HOME “Healthy”?

South Facing Period 8 House with a "Open Door" (门) in the North sector
The Kitchen is where food is prepared for the family. In Qi Men Feng Shui (奇门风水), the Kitchen plays an important role in the physical well-being and health of all the occupants in the household.

Using the 4-Room Apartment Unit as an illustration for an Internal Feng Shui Case Study assessment. It is also assumed that this is a South-facing apartment with the windows of the bedrooms overlooking a busy Main Rood. This is the same 4-Room Apartment Unit assessed in the earlier articles: Is your HOME “Wealthy”? and Is your HOME “Lovely”?.

Example #1:
This South-facing 4-Room Apartment unit has the Kitchen located in the North sector of the house. Based on Qi Men (奇门), the Kitchen is located in the “Open Door” () sector. This can be considered a good kitchen to the family, as the occupants have a great taste in food. They could take time and pleasure in selecting and enjoying food, and how to make the food more tasty and refined.

A South-Facing 4-Room Unit with the Kitchen in the “Open Door” (门)
In Qi Men Feng Shui (奇门风水), looking into the Physical Well-Being and Health of the family members with the Kitchen analysis, This is only 1 aspect and there are more analysis based on the House Facing, Main Door, Master Bedroom, Children Bedroom, Home Office, etc. These analysis could provide a general forecast for the occupants of the house in terms of their Career & Business endeavours, Health factor, Family Relationship, Academic pursuits, etc.

If you are interested to know more about the general overview of your home relating to your personal ambitions as well as the well-being of your family members, you might consider the more detailed analysis with a 1-1 Personal Consultation. Click here to find out more.

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