Thursday, February 25, 2016

Does Renting a House need Feng Shui?

Home plan with the Northeast Main Door and South facing the Construction Site could face more challenges owing to the annual afflictions this year
Many people has a perception that renting a house whether short or long lease does not require Feng Shui as they don't own the house.

Just recently, I met someone who had rented an apartment for a 2 year lease. I found out that the apartment was South facing with the main door opened in the Northeast. Through the conversation, I also realised that there was a massive construction site for a residential development in the neighbourhood. It was in the South of the apartment, and this would have violated the 3 Killings Sha (三煞)

This is an environmental annual affliction that could have been activated owing to the construction site in 2016. If provoked, this would cause serious unfortunate consequences for the property and its occupants. Potential problems can be expected like robberies, accidents, loss of wealth, health complications, etc.

Massive Construction Site in your neighbourhood could activate negative impact affecting you and your family members
However, he was not so concerned about this as he felt that he didn’t own the apartment, and furthermore he was leasing it for just 2 years. In addition, he could not and should not do any renovation works or fixes to the property.

My answer to him is that It’s does matter who is the owner or landlord, but only matters who is staying in the house as Feng Shui affects the occupants staying at that point of time in the property.

But as for his case, he could encounter a bigger problem. He will first need to negate or at least minimize the potential negative impact of the annual affliction of the 3 Killings Sha (三煞) in the South and probably the 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) in the Northeast. After all, Feng Shui remedial actions are not necessary needed to involve massive renovations, placement of objects or figurines to fence off the negative effects.

My advice to those prospective tenants is that it will make more sense to select and stay in a good living space with better Feng Shui, and at the same time supports your life endeavours at least during the tenancy. Hence, a Home Selection with Feng Shui is preferred as part of the your Personal Tenancy Check-list when considering leasing a home. Should you have already in the tenancy, then you should at least ascertain the "well being" of the living space with a basic Feng Shui Analysis as this would also affect your life endeavours and probably to improve your wealth opportunities during the stay.

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