Monday, March 14, 2016

Is 4 an Unlucky Number?

The Deadly 4?
In today times, real estate investment will usually appreciate over time, and more and more people are using these as an investment instrument to grow their wealth, or as their dream home for own stay.

For apartment, whether high or low rise, many will favour floor levels or units numbers like 6, 8, etc. However, any floor levels or units that have number 4 or ending with 4, most will shy away from these properties, or the take-up rate of these units are usually low.

4 and its affinity with Floor level and House number
So is 4 an Unlucky Number?
In my opinion, 4 is not necessary bad. In the Chinese community, 4 is sounded like death’ (), but it has nothing to do with Classical Feng Shui. The bad reputation that 4 has is owing to the cultural beliefs and superstition, just like some westerners will not like 13, and probably 6 because of cultural or religious beliefs.

Are you aware that Indian numerology and Vedic astrology regard 4 as an intelligence numbers? In Chinese metaphysics, 4 is also a good representation as well.

In Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星), 4 is usually regarded as an Academic number; a number that represents academic matters. If a house layout has a number combination of 4 and 1 in a sector within the house, then it could be a great place to have your study or workroom in this area, and usually this commonly known as the Academic Sector or 'Wen-Chang Wei" (文昌位). This is particularly good for residents with school-going children as it favors scholastic and academic pursuits. 

4 could also represent peach blossom or romance characteristics with the presence of some water. In addition, it could also foster better interpersonal relationship. Hence, this would also favour those working or businesses relating to Public Relation, Sales and Marketing.

Using a 5RM South facing Home as an illustration, this unit has the 4-1 combination in the Living/Dining and Bedroom2, and these 2 areas could support scholarly achievements, and it benefits students and researchers. Relationships would also improve when water is "properly installed".
A 5RM home with the 4-1 combination in the Living/Dining and Bedroom2

So don’t misunderstood 4, and give it a chance….

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