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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Treetrail Story at Woodlands

In Classical Feng Shui, the external environment plays an important role in ascertaining the quality of a home based on Feng Shui. Some of these units in Treetrail enjoying good Feng Shui from the external environment.

What’s in the External
As an illustration, some of the South-facing apartment could be benefiting from the hill or higher ground in the Southern Mandai area. If the bedrooms are in the South sector overlooking this hill or higher ground through the windows from the room, then the occupants will experience general good health and well-being.

Mountain/Hill can be seen in the Southern Mandai area
What’s about the Internal
Using the 4 Room South facing new BTO Apartment in Treetrail @ Woodlands as an illustration, the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms are relatively well-positioned with a less favourable Living/Dining area based on an initial Feng Shui assessment. 

However, you might notice that the Main Door is facing the Kitchen entrance. This is one of the internal form Feng Shui problems that needs to be remedied as this would bring about Health related problem to the occupants. So beware.

Main Door facing Kitchen Entrance will bring health-related problems
What to Watch Out this Year
To add onto the above illustration, as the South facing apartment has the Main Door opened in the Northeast and Master Bedroom located in the Southwest, this provides an indication that the home could have disturbed one or more annual afflictions this year, i.e. the Tai-Sui (太岁) in the Master Bedroom and the 5 Yellow-sha (五黄煞) as well as the Year Breaker (岁破) at the Main Door. 

When one of these annual afflictions is violated, the consequences could have aggravated the negative energies in this area, such as renovation works, and this might lead to accident, injuries or bring about health related problems to the occupants for the rest of the year. Hence, you should select an auspicious date for renovating your home this year.

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