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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Do you want a Crane or the Chicken as your Dream Home?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to notice that there are many new property developments that have 2 or 3 towers or buildings, and some are usually connected with a Sky Garden or Bridge. This link will usually have recreation facilities, like gym, fitness center or jogging track. As it is generally located in the higher floors, it can also serve as a viewing platform, and a selling point for the new development.

Do you know which is the Crane Amongst the Chickens ?
At times, have you been hearing people saying that a development with 3 Residential Towers is auspicious, as it represents the 3 mighty Musketeers or the 3 Chinese Deities – Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿).

Not too long ago, I was attending a new property launch, which is a 3 Tower Residential development. While in the sales gallery, there was a Free Property Talk event in session. The Talk was about Feng Shui and the speaker was giving some tips on selecting a Good property and generally highlighting the good selling points of the property. I still remember that the speaker was mentioning about the 3 Residential Towers representing the Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿). In the Chinese Culture, they are the Fortune, Wealth and Longevity Deities.

 The 3 Chinese Deities – Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿)
One prospective buyer asked the Speaker which towers is the better Choice as a good-value investment. The Speaker replied that if he want Wealth, then he could select the centre Tower, for Health and long life, then select the Tower from the right. But if he wanted all three luck endeavours, then he could consider one unit in each Tower. Many audiences burst into laughter. But be mindful, is this what Feng Shui is all about? 

In Property Selection, although the shape of the Building could be one of the considering factors, but it does not and should not be the main contributing factor in ascertaining a good property. Although, Building could represent as a “virtual mountain” and the “container of Qi“, but in my opinion, Feng Shui should not relate to Chinese Culture or Religion whatsoever. Generally, the centre Tower from a 3 Residential Towers development is usually a better choice, provided there is also some uniqueness comparing to rest of the other 2 Towers. In this case, the centre Tower can be considered as “The Crane amongst the Chickens” - a better Choice Tower in the development. 
The Crane Amongst the Chickens

A Case Study
As an illustration, besides having "The Crane Amongst the Chicken", some units in Green Haven could also benefit from the external environment, Feng Shui-wiseThe Units in these development have 2 facings; units overlooking the sea towards Singapore and those facing the Crest in the North. Some units could enjoy Good Feng Shui for Health and Wealth endeavors while some will be otherwise and less favourable, Feng Shui-wise.

A newly launched Residential Development in East Iskandar.
Do you know which facing has better units?
Generally, the 4 important aspect of Feng Shui is Environment, Building, People and Time, and the Environment being the first and most important factors contributes a major part in the Feng Shui assessment. If the external environment is conducive like conforming to the surrounding Water and Mountain locations, it will provide a better living space for the residents in the area, and hopefully support their goals in life. For sure, it's not about using the 3 Chinese Deities as your choosing criteria of your Dream Home.

Lastly, there is a popular saying as in “2 is a Company and 3 is a Crowd”. Here if you are staying with the Crane and amongst the Chickens, then this Crowd is not always Bad.

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