A Premier Commercial Address Unlike any others in SiLC Nusajaya

Nusajaya Square2 - A Premier Commercial Address Unlike Any others in SiLC Nusajaya

Do you know this location could be blessed with "Ghosts", not 1 but 5? If you are interested to know what its Story, read more here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wealth Series: Wealth Door for Nusajaya Square2

Generally, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast are the Best Doors for a Period 8 Northwest facing Properties. These directions have good facing stars with Wealth energy. Select one of these doors based on your Life Gua. If one of these directions is also one of your Personal Good Directions, you could be lucky with money! However, avoid choosing a door that faces North or in the North sector, as it will activate bankruptcy energy!

Using Nusajaya Square2 @ SiLC Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia as an illustration, the Shop Offices as shown (circled in Red) could be blessed with a Wealth Door to activate money luck as it could be in the Northwest sector. As Door in the North sector could activate bankruptcy energy, hence for Shop Offices it is advisable not to have your Main Door located here.

Do you know which sectors should the Main Door being located for those Shop Offices (circled in Blue) to avoid activating the Bankruptcy energy?

Nusajaya Square2 – a new Premier Commercial Hub in SiLC, Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia
Click here for more details for selecting a Good Value Investment especially the Shop Offices in this Commercial Hub with Feng Shui and Qi Men. Alternatively, contact me for details.

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