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Friday, September 12, 2014

Is your Property Investment Profitable?

Selecting your Potential Investment using Feng Shui and Qi Men
Nowsaday, many Investors are invited to Public Talks and Seminars on Property Investment. Slides after slides, the presenters would have shown numerous statistics and surveys by relevant authorities to promote and convince potential investors how good are their marketing developments, and selling them with great potential of growth and future gains. 

In Metaphysics, we can also use Qi Men Forecasting technique to obtain a reading that could provide you with an indication if the unit that you are eyeing to invest is a profitable investment or not.

What is  Qi Men Forecasting?
Qi Men uses various predictive techniques to forecast specific activities or events. A Qi Men chart can be obtained to gain information on the outcome of events such as the result of a business deal, career or investment decision, outcome of an action, or creating appropriate strategies for marketing campaigns and product launches, etc. When it applies on Feng Shui, it allows to “remote view” the property to anticipate the problem areas. 

Case Study of a Potential Investment with Qi Men
Recently, a friend of mine had invested a property in a new launch mixed development in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar. It was a condo unit and he was asking whether the unit that he bought was a good investment as he was a little concern that many property developments were rising currently in this region. As in many investors’ mindset, I believed he was looking for a potential capital appreciation in this investment, and hope to profit from it in a few years times.

A Qi Men analysis was initiated and a relevant Qi Men chart was obtained for 9-Sep-2014, 1:30am.
Date & Time Selected for a Property Investment Forecast: 9-Sep-2014, 1.30am
Based on Qi Men analysis, it indicates that the unit may not be a profitable purchase, although there is sign that he likes the unit and its surrounding environment. The analysis also indicates that the land in the Southwest could be low, flat, or sloping downwards over a cliff. There should be also a place for “resting” in the North, and an entertainment entity in the Northwest. There could also be tall buildings or structures in the South, “obstructing” its Scenic View.

On actual site, there was indeed a downward slope towards the Johor Straits in the Southwest, and also a Hotel and a Family Theme Park towards the North and Northwest with respect to the development.

Whether the property is meant for investment or personal use, Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Forecasting Technique could serve as an additional option to qualify for a better purchasing decision on investing your choice property. With Qi Men and Feng Shui, you can seize the most profitable investment opportunity at the right time.


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A New Kempas Heights Story is in the making.
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